Peter Norcliffe - Design, Models, Props

Peter Norcliffe has been involved in a variety of film, television, theatre and advertsing projects worldwide since 1998.

Based in Yorkshire and available for your creative projects in the UK. If you would like to contact Peter. please e-mail or telephone: 07970 972524

Peter's creative interest began at school whilst studying art, design and communication. in 1996 he completed Art and design at Dewsbury college in Yorkshire, where he gained a distinction. He then studied design modelmaking in Bournemouth for two years, and graduated with a HND in 1998

He began working in london, and has since been involved in a variety of film, television and theater projects worldwide.

his skills include: design, modelmaking, life casting, prototyping, sculpting, moulding, fabrication, painting, art finishing, on set work, set building, set dressing.

He also makes gift castings of children's hands and feet, which is a great memento for family and friends. Please e-mail for availability of this service.

Peter is always looking for a new creative project to keep him busy!



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